What Is Real Deal Recruits?

The top 5% of high school student athletes will always have the top colleges chasing after them, and especially in the big three - football, baseball and basketball; but what about the other athletes? The swimmers, the cross country runners and the soccer players, for example?

Real Deal includes everyone.

Real Deal Recruits is an open resource that provides high school student athletes with a robust tool for building public athlete profiles dedicated solely to their athletic and academic pursuits at the next level. Athletes can add athletic and academic statistics, photos, videos and best of all, each athlete receives a custom, vanity web address to share with family, friends and schools.

About Us

Our goal is to provide a simple, intuitive interactive guide of student athletes.

Real Deal Recruits was developed with the student athlete in mind. Creating, displaying and promoting your Real Deal Athlete Profile will help increase your chances at being seen by college coaches and recruiters nationwide.

Headed up by a team of regular parents with kids who are making the transition from high school athletics and academia, to the college level, we wanted to give our sons and daughters a quality, online athletic profiling tool for showcasing success on and off the playing field.

RealDealRecruits.com is created with the utmost of simplicity in mind. Create a student-athlete profile today, and create the best possible opportunities for your athletic and academic future.

Real Deal Recruits "Maximum Athlete Exposure on the Open Internet".