Basketball Scholarship

The competition in the college basketball field is stiff; while there are over half a million men's high school basketball players, there are only slightly over 16,000 NCAA men's basketball players. The competition in the college women's basketball field isn't any friendlier; there are over 450,000 high school women's basketball players and only about 15,000 NCAA spots available.

With so many players just vying for a spot on a college team, you can imagine that the competition for a college basketball scholarship is pretty fierce. Don't let a spirited field intimidate you though; if you've got skills on the court, there's no reason why you shouldn't be putting yourself in front of these college recruiting coaches. You may be one of the fortunate that gets a full-ride scholarship to a Division I university.

Use the Internet to Get Your Basketball Scholarship

We here at RealDealRecruits can help expose you to some of the top college basketball recruiters in the nation. Simply create a free online profile which you can then email to recruiters; in addition, recruiters can browse and search our database and view your profile there. Remember that the more thorough your profile, the better so stock it up with lots of stats, info, photos and video.

You have to market yourself correctly if you wish to obtain a basketball scholarship and here at RealDealRecruits, we're happy to help you do just that. But remember that you have to work hard off the court as well. You must maintain minimum GPA requirements in order to qualify for NCAA sports so hit the books as well!

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