College Athlete Recruiting

Colleges want the very best athletes on their various teams, and they dedicate some serious time and resources into getting them there. College athlete recruiting involves recruiters scouting and wooing top high school athletes, often offering them scholarships to attend and play for their schools. Depending on the sport and the funding available, high school athletes can obtain anywhere from partial to full-ride scholarships.

On the smaller end of the spectrum, a books-only scholarship will cover the cost of a student athlete's books in exchange for playing on the college's team. This may seem like a paltry scholarship, particularly when compared to a scholarship of the all-expenses-paid variety; however, book costs easily run into the thousands of dollars for college students.

The other extreme is a full-ride scholarship in which full tuition is covered as well as room and board and book costs. Scholarships are offered on an annual basis; however, if you continue to play well, both partial and full scholarships are often renewed yearly for players throughout their entire four or five years at the college or university. In order to be offered any type of scholarship, athletes need to hop into the college athlete recruiting game and get known to recruiters.

Get Involved with College Athlete Recruiting

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