College Baseball Recruiting

So, you know you're excellent on the baseball field and you know you want to play for a college baseball team, but what now? What does college baseball recruiting entail? Well, if you're serious about playing college ball and hopefully doing so on a baseball scholarship, you need to start planning early to get yourself into the college baseball recruiting game.

The NCAA has strict rules on college baseball recruiting, and both athletes and recruiters must adhere to them to avoid penalties. These rules restrict the amount of contact between players and colleges, particularly during athletes' sophomore and junior years. But, you need to start the buzz about you going far before your senior year in high school. The best way to do this is with the help of RealDealRecruits.

Play by the College Baseball Recruiting Rules

With RealDealRecruits, you can have your full online profile in front of the nation's best recruiting coaches, and not break any of the NCAA rules. All you have to do is create a full Real Deal Recruits profile complete with all your information; you can even upload a highlights video of your best moves on the field and allow recruiters to see you in action. You can then email this profile to the recruiters of your choice.

Alternately, when you have a Real Deal Recruits profile, recruiters can view your profile when they browse the site or if they search for players in your position. You adhere to the NCAA rules while marketing yourself to those that need to hear about you. Don't waste any more valuable time; get started on the college baseball recruiting process and create your Real Deal Recruits profile today!

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