College Basketball Recruiting

There's nothing like the rush of leading your team to victory in overtime or nailing a three-pointer just before the buzzer sounds. Now imagine doing that for an awesome college team. Since college basketball is a "head count" sport most of the scholarships offered are "full-ride," meaning that everything is covered-full tuition, room and board, and sometimes even books.

Those student athletes who are talented enough to receive scholarships know that the college basketball recruiting process is hard work. You can't just rely on sheer luck and hope that college recruiters will hear about how good you are. You need to take an active role in your future, and make sure they know about you. You can do this with a Real Deal Recruits profile.

Your Part in College Basketball Recruiting

Literally hundreds of thousands of high schoolers play on their schools' basketball teams, but there are less than 7,000 men's basketball scholarships and less than 8,000 women's basketball scholarships available in the NCAA. This means that the competition is fierce so you need to be at the top of your game-not just on the court but in terms of marketing yourself in the college basketball recruiting realm.

When you create a Real Deal Recruits profile, you are presenting your very best to prospective schools. You can list your information, stats, a highlights video (showing your best moves on the court) and action photos. You can then email a link to your profile to recruiters who you're hoping to impress; in addition, recruiters can view your profile through our site's search function or just through general browsing.

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