College Basketball Scholarship

There are strict rules that govern college sports scholarships, and these rules are in place to protect both the athletes and the schools, as well as ensure a fair playing field for all. Every school only has a limited number of scholarships they can offer in a particular sport. For Division I basketball teams, they are allowed to have 13 scholarship athletes in men's basketball, and 15 scholarship athletes in women's basketball.

Increase Your Chances of Getting a College Basketball Scholarship

If you hope to be one of few that get a college basketball scholarship, you certainly need to educate yourself on the entire college basketball recruiting process and then do all you can to up your chances. Don't forget that the hardest work needs to take place on the court so practice, practice, practice! Take some one-on-one meetings with your coach and discuss your strengths and weakness; work to improve your weak points and continue to fine-tune your strengths.

You can also work with your coach to create a wish list of the colleges you would most like to play for. While Division I teams are likely to be at the top, don't forget about Division II teams. Since Division I teams are so highly sought, you can sometimes obtain an excellent college basketball scholarship to a Division II school. Also, plenty of college basketball scholarships can be found at NAIA colleges.

Once you have your contact list, you're ready to spread the word on what you have to offer. Create a detailed profile at Real Deal Recruits-add in your info, photos and even a cool highlights video of you shooting and defending-and then email that profile link to your contact list. Recruiters can then get to know you via your profile and ultimately consider you for a college basketball scholarship.

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