College Cross Country Scholarship

If you've got the dedication to put in hours in training and miles on the trails, then you should consider what a college cross country scholarship could do for you. Division I, II and NAIA colleges all have scholarship money available for cross country athletes. Sometimes these scholarships are grouped together with the schools' track and field scholarships, depending on the school; however, there are plenty of colleges that separate the two fields.

While certain college sports such as basketball are known as "head count" sports, cross country is an equivalency sport. In "head count" sports, scholarships are usually full-ride, meaning everything is covered, generally full tuition and room and board costs. For equivalency sports, coaches are allowed to distribute the scholarship money as they see fit-often giving partial scholarships to a larger number of athletes. This can be a big plus as the chances for you receiving a college cross country scholarship of some denomination increase.

For NCAA Division I schools, there are more college cross country scholarships available for women than for men. For Division II schools, the number of scholarships is roughly the same for women and men. When you're considering your options, remember that Division II or NAIA schools may offer you a better college cross country scholarship than a top Division I school, simply because the Division I schools are inundated with incredible cross country runners.

How to Get a College Cross Country Scholarship

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