College Football Recruiting Service

With the advent of the Internet, the world of college football recruiting changed drastically. Recruiters no longer have to spend weeks on the road, traveling to see high school players in action. They can view high school football stars on the field via highlights videos online through a college football recruiting service, making it easier for them to scout potential talent.

Get a Scholarship with the Help of a College Football Recruiting Service

Whether you're a great defensive blocker or your school's standout quarterback, there's no reason why you shouldn't show your skills via a college football recruiting service. In the NCAA, there are well over 20,000 college football scholarships available and if you get proper recruiter attention, you can get a shot at that money. Football is one of the sports where scholarships offered are generally "full-ride" meaning all your expenses are covered. Playing ball for a college team and having your education paid for-it doesn't get much better than that.

RealDealRecruits is the premier college football recruiting service used by recruiters at the nation's top colleges. With your Real Deal Recruits profile, you give recruiters a snapshot of who you are as a player, a student and a person. You can post video showing your best blocks, interceptions, and touchdowns, highlighting all the reasons these recruiters should want you on their college teams.

Make your Real Deal Recruits profile as thorough as possible; as your prime marketing tool, you want it to present all your strengths. You can then email your profile to those recruiters and coaches you want to target. In addition to your dream Division I-A schools, it's wise to also submit to Division I-AA and Division II schools.

Real Deal Recruits "Maximum Athlete Exposure on the Open Internet".