College Golf Recruiting

In the past two decades, the national interest in golf has increased dramatically. High schools across the country who previously didn't have golf teams have quickly added them to their athletic portfolios, allowing student golfers to showcase their skills in the context of high school sports. Likewise, college golf has garnered more national attention than ever before.

If you've got an impressive drive or a notable handicap, you need to be ready for the college golf recruiting process. In the NCAA, there are 289 Division I schools that offer men's golf scholarships and 217 Division I schools that give women's golf scholarships. In the Division II realm, 186 colleges offer men's golf scholarships and 90 tender women's golf scholarships.

How to Involve Yourself with College Golf Recruiting

In regard to college golf recruiting, you need to advertise your ability to prospective colleges. If they don't know your assets, they won't be able to offer you any scholarship money.

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