College Gymnastics Scholarship

A college gymnastics scholarship can help you pay for the continually rising costs of college. With degrees from four-year public universities costing an average of $100,000 currently, turning your love of competition into a college gymnastics scholarship is an ideal option. Many colleges with gymnastics teams offer scholarships, ranging from full tuition to the cost of books, which can run into the thousands per year.

Prepare Early to Earn a College Gymnastics Scholarship

To compete in gymnastics at the collegiate level, you will need to certify your amateur status with the NCAA. To certify your amateurism, you'll need to agree not to accept any paid endorsement deals, work with an agent, accept pay for anything beyond simple and necessary travel expenses, or sign a contract with a professional team or group. In essence, college athletes agree to play for the pure sport of the game and forgo any initial monetary benefit.

You'll need to certify yourself by completing the amateurism questionnaire at some point during your senior year (though it can be started in your junior year). College recruiters and recruiting websites can offer further information on the process, but you'll need to actually complete the procedure through the NCAA.

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