College Hockey Recruiting

Slap shots and hat tricks aren't all it takes it get recruited to play college hockey. College hockey recruiting is far more complex than stat lists and regional titles. Even if you've got the best record in your local league, you'll need to find a way to catch the eye of a college hockey recruiting team. Perhaps the best platform for this process is the Internet.

You can use the Internet to get in touch with college hockey recruiting teams and coaches across the nation. But first, you need to uncover the schools that have hockey programs; hockey teams certainly aren't as common as basketball and softball teams. Start your search by making a list of schools that offer a hockey program you're interested in. Your next step will be to contact the coaches and athletic directors of these schools to let them know that you're interested in their programs.

You can do this with a simple letter or email of introduction, of course, but there are better ways. Would you rather send a simple letter or a fully detailed profile that contains clips and news of your hockey accomplishments along with pictures, video, grade point average information and personal statements? It's easy to show coaches that you're an awesome candidate with a Real Deal Recruits profile. On this profile, you can include everything you need to make a splash and get noticed.

Let RealDealRecruits Help You with College Hockey Recruiting

College hockey recruiting teams want to find top high school talent-sometimes they just don't have the connections or resources to find all the players that might be ideal for their teams. Help them out by registering with Real Deal Recruits and creating a personalized profile. Then, tap into the RealDealRecruits network to find schools and recruiters that are looking for exactly what you offer. It's a free network, and it's designed specifically to help talented high school athletes find a place in college athletics.

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