College Lacrosse Recruiting

Playing college-level lacrosse is a dream come true for many players. With the level of talent on collegiate teams, the fast-paced, highly physical sport is a blood-pumping challenge that drives players to perform at their peak levels. Only a select few get recruited to play lacrosse at universities, so it takes every edge to become one of those first-rate few.

The Secret of College Lacrosse Recruiting

Getting recruited to play college lacrosse requires more than killer cutting and tight passing. While your skills might attract the attention of local schools and universities, it's often little-known colleges who are building successful programs that have great positions to offer. The trick to college lacrosse recruiting is finding these schools and helping them find you.

Real Deal Recruits is designed to do just that. You can create a profile that is geared exclusively toward your lacrosse skills. Post videos of your scooping, poke checking and scores and add in information about any awards you've earned as well. PrepChamps is the ultimate platform for players to promote themselves and attract the attention of college lacrosse recruiting teams.

If you're a coach, you can take advantage of the extensive Real Deal Recruits network, too. Use Real Deal Recruits to help your players find recruiters and, more importantly, to help college lacrosse recruiting specialists find them. Create a profile and have your players create profiles as well; then, add your players to your network to get started. You can also use Real Deal Recruits to promote your lacrosse team to the local community by connecting with fans, friends, and even parents through our free online sporting network.

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