College Lacrosse Scholarship

Both full and partial college lacrosse scholarship opportunities exist for talented players. The level of financial assistance will usually depend on the player's overall talent, the school's need for a given position, and the school's overall budget for athletic programs and scholarships. Even a partial college lacrosse scholarship can be an incredible help when covering the cost of college. A "books-only" plan, typically one of the smaller awards given, will still cover thousands of dollars over the course of a four-year education.

Schools seeking fresh lacrosse players often have a hard time scouting new talent. Not only are lacrosse teams less common than basketball and football teams, it can be very expensive to travel the country to actively court players. With players in need of scholarships and college opportunities, and recruiters in need of an efficient way of scouting talent, PrepChamps and Real Deal Recruits have come up with an ideal way of connecting lacrosse players with college teams.

Take a Step Toward Earning a College Lacrosse Scholarship

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