College Recruiting Websites

Not available to previous generations of collegiate athletes, college recruiting websites can be a huge help in getting recruited and even offered scholarships. However, the quality of these websites varies dramatically. Some websites will try to sell packages that are intended to "brand" you as a talented up-and-comer. Other websites offer nothing more than lists of schools with athletic programs in the sport you wish to play.

Comparing College Recruiting Websites

PrepChamps has taken college recruiting websites about 10 steps further. At PrepChamps, you can create a profile, post it to our extensive network of players, coaches, fans, and recruiters, and brand yourself! Plenty of recruiters have registered with our easy-to-use website, so you've got a good chance of exposure if your talents match their needs.

One of the perks we offer include video content. After all, if a picture is worth a thousand words, a video of your highlight reel may be worth thousands of dollars to the right school! In addition to video content, you can add pictures and plenty of information to your profile. If you can set up a regular social networking profile, then creating your targeted Real Deal Recruits sports profile will be a breeze!

Of course, there is one other major factor that sets PrepChamps apart from other college recruiting websites: we're free! We don't charge athletes a penny to create a profile or take advantage of our huge network. We're here for you; your success is our success, so we give you everything you need to succeed.

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