College Soccer Recruiting

What high school player doesn't dream of playing for the NCAA College Cup? To play on a team with the potential to win a national collegiate title, you need to be noticed by the best. Recruiters for Division I soccer teams are constantly on the lookout for high school athletes with potential. They've got lots of incentives to offer, ranging from scholarships and grants to preferential class registration, but there's one thing they don't have: the ability to see all players perform.

The New Source for College Soccer Recruiting

College soccer recruiting teams simply don't have the time to scout at all schools, so sometimes you've got to help them out to get discovered. At RealDealRecruits, we realized this problem and came up with a high-tech solution that helps everyone. With a foundation in advanced social networking and an athletic angle,  RealDealRecruits lets athletes and college soccer recruiting reps connect like never before.

Simply create a profile on Real Deal Recruits and let the recruiters come to you. In the near future, the  advanced search options on  RealDealRecruits will allow college soccer recruiting professionals the ability to find the soccer players they need. They can search by position, stats, and more, so that even players at traditionally non-recruited schools can find a home in some of the nation's best soccer programs.

To boost your chances of connecting with coaches and college recruiters, be sure to make your profile as detailed as possible. You can include stats, records, titles, and even academic information. Plus, you can add in video content of your best plays. Registration is free, so take advantage of the  RealDealRecruits platform and let the opportunities come to you.

Real Deal Recruits "Maximum Athlete Exposure on the Open Internet".