College Soccer Scholarship

Colleges and universities ranging from Division I powerhouses to Division III up-and-comers rely on recruiters to find the best talent and bring it to their campuses. To encourage the best new talent to attend, many schools will offer a player a college soccer scholarship. These scholarships can range from full to partial tuition coverage, and can often cut the cost of attendance quite a bit.

Turn Your Passion for Play into a College Soccer Scholarship

The dollar amount of a college soccer scholarship will depend on many factors. These can include their need for a specific player or position, NCAA regulations, and the institution's overall budget for athletic teams. It can't be denied, though, that there is a significant amount of funding available for athletic scholarships. Estimates on the annual amount range well into the millions, with some sources putting the dollar amount at over a billion!

The first step to getting a college soccer scholarship is getting recruited. If your soccer team is well-recruited, you may be in good shape already. If your team is not regularly recruited or if you'd like to boost your odds of getting offers from top soccer programs, you can promote yourself through PrepChamps.

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