College Sports Scholarship

Each year, colleges grant thousands of scholarships to student athletes. Some sources put the estimate for the amount granted in sports scholarships alone at over one billion dollars! With such a large pool of available money, it isn't just the superstars getting full rides who are benefiting from the college athletic boom. Athletes on a wide range of collegiate teams are receiving scholarships-essentially getting paid to play!

Consider a College Sports Scholarship in a Variety of Fields

Many high school athletes incorrectly think that only large-attendance sports offer scholarships. While sports such as football and basketball do lay claim to a large amount of the college sports scholarship pool, that still leaves a very sizable amount on the table. Sports such as golf, lacrosse, gymnastics, track and field, cross country, softball, swimming, and tennis all provide lots of scholarships each year for current and incoming students.

If you're a high school athlete, it's time to start thinking about college sports scholarship opportunities. Traditionally, the time to contact coaches and recruiters is during your junior or senior year. However, you can lay the groundwork for a successful college sports scholarship search even earlier.

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