College Swimming Scholarship

 RealDealRecruits is an ideal resource to help you find and earn a college swimming scholarship. Scholarships aren't just available for all-around swimming stars; those with specialties or strong relay skills are also needed. Coaches and recruiters will typically offer a qualified candidate for the swim team a college swimming scholarship as an incentive to commit to a specific university.

In order to accept a college swimming scholarship, you must be NCAA eligible. This means that beginning as early as your freshman year, you can check the NCAA eligibility guidelines to ensure that you're taking all the necessary courses. It also means that you must follow all recruiting guidelines. For instance, coaches cannot call you until after your junior year of high school, and even then, they can call at most once per week.

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Go After the College Swimming Scholarship You Deserve

Create a profile designed to catch the attention of collegiate swimming coaches by including your awards, championships, personal records, and academic info. You can even add a video of your best moments. Whether you're a relay champ or an individual standout, a video of your swimming talent is a great way to get recruiters' attention.

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