College Tennis Scholarship

With the opportunity to play as part of a team while keeping your destiny in your own hands, tennis is a thrilling sport to play in high school. If you're considering playing in college as well, think about trying for a college tennis scholarship. A huge number of colleges and universities offer scholarships for tennis players in both men's and women's divisions.

Get Ahead with a College Tennis Scholarship

Beyond the clear financial benefits a college tennis scholarship can give you, there are often other big perks. From early class registration to free tutoring, scholarships are a great way to get access to the tools that will help you succeed in class as well as on the court. And if success is all about having the right tools, then Real Deal Recruits is the tool you need to make your college tennis scholarship search an ace!

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Show off your backspin, your killer serve, and your best drop shot with a Real Deal Recruits profile video! Add in your tourney wins, basic stats, and even your GPA if you like. We make it easy for you to create a full multi-media package that will appeal to recruiters and college tennis scholarship committees.

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