College Track Scholarship

The chance to run college track is an incredible opportunity. With the opportunity to travel extensively and run in both regional and national competitions held in some of the world's premier track and field facilities, a college track career is worth considering. Many high school athletes do dream of earning a college track scholarship, but think that dream is out of their reach or beyond their control. This used to be true, to a degree, but the gap between athletes and recruiters has narrowed significantly.

One of the major challenges for students hoping to qualify for a college track scholarship is finding schools that need what they offer. Often, it's not the "big" schools that are offering the most lucrative scholarships. In fact, it may be a lesser-known school looking to build up their program that will extend an offer. These schools may be across the country, making it highly unlikely that a student athlete will stumble upon them without a recruiter or another connection.

Promote Yourself to Earn a College Track Scholarship

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