College Volleyball Scholarship

The costs of college are rising dramatically at both public and private institutions. And while there are rumblings of federal action on behalf of beleaguered college students, there has been no action yet. There are ways to make higher education more affordable, though, and one of the most popular is the scholarship. A college volleyball scholarship can bring the cost of tuition down by thousands to tens of thousands.

Qualify for a College Volleyball Scholarship

To qualify for a men's or women's college volleyball scholarship, you need three things: athletic talent, good grades in NCAA-required coursework, and the attention of coaches or recruiters. While hours spent in practice and study can net you the first two requirements, you may need outside help for the third. Real Deal Recruits can help; in fact, that's all we do.

Real Deal Recruits is the ultimate social network for high school athletes, connecting you to coaches and recruiters in addition to fans and fellow players. Fill out your secure profile with the highlights of your volleyball career and top it off with video footage of your spike or serve in action. Add in details on your academic career and any awards won, and you can create a compelling case for a top scholarship.

Recruiters and coaches from all over the U.S. search Real Deal Recruits for up-and-comers, and you might be just the kind of player they're looking for. Before you can earn a college volleyball scholarship, you've got to get noticed, and  RealDealRecruits gives you the tools needed to make a huge splash. Creating a Real Deal Recruits profile is free and totally easy, so register today and take your volleyball future into your own hands.

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