College Wrestling Recruiting

Colleges from Division I Champs to Division III stalwarts need new wrestling talent for each season. Coaches from these schools view hours of film, talk to dozens and dozens of prep athletes, and even offer lucrative scholarships and incentives to the best prospects. But even the best college wrestling recruiting programs can use some help.

 RealDealRecruits offers that help in the form of a unique social network focused solely on recruiting top high school talent. Instead of traveling to high school tournaments near and far-a hugely expensive undertaking-recruiters and coaches can simply search the  RealDealRecruits network for wrestlers. Make your searches specific to locate tightly matched athletes, or use broader terms to gain access to a pool of thousands of enthusiastic preps.

Gain Access to the World of College Wrestling Recruiting

If you're hoping to be the beneficiary of college wrestling recruiting, you need to register with Real Deal Recruits. It takes just a few minutes to create a basic profile, with your record, stats, and basic info. Coaches and recruiters can then find you as they search our network for potential prospects. The more specific you can be in your profile, the more likely you'll turn up in a search.

A successful wrestler is one who controls the flow of the match; never letting an opponent set the pace. That's why wrestlers are so successful on  RealDealRecruits. This unique platform is a way to control the college wrestling recruiting process and proactively anticipates the next move. To get started, simply register on  RealDealRecruits today; it's completely free and always easy.

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