Cross Country Scholarships

Successful cross country athletes have one thing in common: incredible drive. Not just anyone has the endurance to train for miles in often punishing weather, but cross country runners do just that every day, and love every minute of it. Cross country coaches know this and seek out runners who have that dedication and raw talent.

College-level cross country teams offer great opportunities for travel and competition. They're also a great way to build lasting friendships and take full advantage of all that college has to offer. A huge number of colleges and universities have both men's and women's cross country teams that travel to both local and national invitationals and meets. Plus, many colleges offer plenty of scholarships for this sport, since the available funds are often allocated to multiple athletes instead of just one or two.

Get Connected to Cross Country Scholarships

High school student athletes who are interested in taking their cross country careers to the collegiate level should start actively looking for scholarship opportunities as soon as possible. Too many runners underestimate the number of available cross country scholarships available to them. Cross country scholarships can cover everything from partial to full tuition at universities across the nation.

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