Field Hockey Scholarships

It takes a unique person to thrive in the uber-competitive world of field hockey. Fast thinking, faster feet, and total commitment are all requirements on the field. Athletes who embody these characteristics can expect to thrive in the collegiate world, and field hockey scholarships can help you get there.

The vast majority of colleges and universities that offer field hockey teams also offer field hockey scholarships. These incentives can range from full to partial grants. With thousands of dollars to give away, there's no reason not to go after a scholarship that will essentially pay you to play.

Stay on Top of Your Game for Field Hockey Scholarships

Part of qualifying for field hockey scholarships is playing your heart out on the field, but smart preps don't forget the classroom element either. Maintaining solid to excellent grades in your classes can help you meet all the requirements of any scholarship or grant offers that may come your way through the PrepChamps network. Many field hockey scholarships are granted to athletes that show dedication to all aspects of college life, coursework included.

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