Football Scholarships

Football scholarships are available from both large and small colleges and universities. Top-tier BCS regulars often have large budgets for full-ride scholarships, but small schools often have quite compelling scholarship packages to offer as well. Football scholarships can include tuition money, book money, preferred class registration, free tutoring services, and more.

Football scholarships are some of the most competitive in the entire arena of college sports. It's not enough to play your hardest every week, leaving your heart and soul on the field. You need to let coaches and recruiters know that you're interested in their programs. Most of all, you need to make them remember you.

When to Start Looking for Football Scholarships

One mistake prospective college ball players make is waiting too long to get in touch with coaches and recruiters. The optimum time to establish your presence is often in your junior year. This is the time to write letters of introduction to coaches and athletic directors. To make your package more appealing, you can create a multi-media profile at Real Deal Recruits. Similar to popular social networking sites but with an athlete-inspired twist, Real Deal Recruits lets you add football stats, pictures, information, and video to your profile.

You can include clips of your best catches, runs, blocks, and TDs. While a letter of introduction is a great place to start, it's even better to include a link to a profile that captures your greatest achievements. Real Deal Recruits has made this service free to high school athletes, since we believe that every player deserves a chance to earn a scholarship. Show off what you've got and make them remember you. You can start by registering with Real Deal Recruits and creating your football profile today.

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