Girls' College Basketball Recruiting

As girls' college basketball gets more competitive with each year, so does recruiting. As attendance for women's basketball grows, so does the amount of college scholarship money on the table. But if you're playing on a high school basketball team, it's important to know that there's more to girls college basketball recruiting than waiting for a coach to catch one of your games.

H=College coaches are incredibly busy; even if you're the best player in your region, a coach from the school of your choice may not be able to make it to one of your games or be able to talk to you. Does your chance for girls' college basketball recruiting end there? Of course not! Well, at least not anymore. Now, regardless of where you live and where you hope to play, you can connect to coaches and recruiters easily with  RealDealRecruits.

Real Deal Recruits is the Web's elite network for student athletes and college coaches. Coaches from across the nation routinely search Real Deal Recruits profiles for the best in girls' basketball. By posting a profile on the Real Deal Recruits network, you can let girls college basketball recruiting teams know all about your skills, dedication, and drive. You don't have to rely on a winning record to get attention-you can include video content on your profile to show off your three-point skills, fast breaks, and clean passing. Whatever your specialty is, there may be a coach looking for just what you have to offer.

Creating and maintaining a Real Deal Recruits profile is completely free. It doesn't affect your eligibility or violate NCAA recruiting standards. (However, we do encourage you to keep up to date with these standards.) Give yourself the opportunity to shine by registering today.

Real Deal Recruits "Maximum Athlete Exposure on the Open Internet".