High School Baseball

High school baseball is practically a religion in some schools, and many high school baseball stars dream of playing the sport at an NCAA college. However, of the estimated 455,300 student-athletes who play baseball in high school, there is only room for about 25,700 of them at Division I and II universities, or about 5.6 percent of these high school hopefuls. You can increase your chances of playing ball at the collegiate level by covering all of your bases.

You could be the best high school baseball player in your county, but if you can't afford tuition, you may feel that you're priced out of some of the best schools-and NCAA baseball teams-in the country. However, many of the Division I and Division II colleges offer NCAA scholarships to high school baseball players. Current data indicates that there are 5,594 of these scholarships awarded each year.

Learn More About High School Baseball Scholarships

One thing to keep in mind about high school baseball scholarships is that there are very few "full ride" awards given. Instead, individual scholarships can actually be broken down and granted to multiple players. However, you can take measures to increase your chances for consideration and attend-and play for-the school of your choice.

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