High School Baseball Recruits

Would-be high school baseball recruits need to do more than just play great baseball to get noticed by college recruiters; they need to get their skills in front of the right people. Baseball is a competitive sport, but the competition for slots in college baseball teams and athletic scholarships is even fiercer. With the right strategies, you can increase your visibility without breaking the NCAA's strict recruiting rules.

Potential high school baseball recruits should start planning their collegiate futures at least by their sophomore years. Excellent steps include earning good grades (you must meet the GPA requirements of your chosen schools), gathering the names and contact information of coaches and colleges who interest you, collecting video clips of your best plays and working hard on your fundamentals. However, contact with the coaches at your favorite schools is severely limited by NCAA regulations, especially during your sophomore and junior years. High School Baseball Recruits Can Benefit from RealDealRecruits

High School Baseball Recruits Can Benefit from PrepChamps

Instead of inadvertently disqualifying yourself by breaking NCAA recruiting rules, you can reach coaches, recruiters and more by creating a profile on Real Deal Recruits. Explore Real Deal Recruits and you'll see the profiles that have already been created by high school baseball recruits from across the country. We make it easy-and safe-for you to potentially get noticed by the coaches of your choice.

Registration at RealDealRecruits is easy and free. You can create an account, post your stats and interests, and even upload photos and video clips that give a dramatic account of your skills on the field. Using RealDealRecruits as a platform for your abilities, as well as preparing yourself for the educational rigors of college life, can give you a leg up on the competition.

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