High School Football

High school football is, for many fans, the ultimate sports experience. High school football stars can become local celebrities in many towns, but to have the chance to play for the NFL, most players must continue their sports careers at NCAA Division I and II colleges. However, acheving this feat isn't easy, even for the most talented high school players.

The key to moving from the high school football gridiron to a premier collegiate athletic program like Notre Dame, Georgia or USC is exposure. If the right college recruiter or coach doesn't get a chance to see you in action, your chances of getting accepted to a NCAA team-or receiving a scholarship-are very low. RealDealRecruits can help.

Use Your High School Football Experience as a Springboard to College Ball

If you're a high school football player who wants to play at the collegiate level, you need to start strategizing today. Fortunately, the global nature of the World Wide Web can help. You no longer need to hope that a college recruiter will come to a game and see you in action. Instead, you can bring your experience and superior skills right to the people who matter, on your terms.

At RealDealRecruits, you can create a snapshot of your finest plays and stats and post them online for everyone to see. In addition to our online presence, we offer football combines for high school students where you can test your skills and purchase a "best of" video for your portfolio. Coaches and recruiters who visit RealDealRecruits can check your combine results, watch video clips of you on the field and get a feel for your dedication and enthusiasm for the sport.

Real Deal Recruits "Maximum Athlete Exposure on the Open Internet".