High School Football Recruits

Potential high school football recruits are facing tough odds. According to the NCAA, approximately 281,000 high school senior football players are competing for just 16,200 freshman NCAA roster positions. That means just 5.8 percent of these students will make the jump to college sports.

How can would-be high school football recruits improve their chances of playing college ball? The most important measure to take is to get noticed. Football isn't a Cinderella story, and you can't count on a Fairy Godmother-to get to the big game, you've got to make a plan and take decisive measures to manage and shape your career. Going after your dream the right way can help you catch the eye of the college of your choice and help you obtain a coveted athletic scholarship.

High School Football Recruits and Athletic Scholarships

Many of the athletic scholarships available to high school football recruits are "full rides"-in other words, they cover tuition, room and board, books, and other college expenses. These scholarships are generally each for one year, but they can be renewed for up to five years. However, there are only about 2,486 scholarships offered each year at the Division I level.

Potential high school football recruits need to start planning for their college careers during their freshman or sophomore years. College hopefuls need to talk to their coaches about their abilities and determine which programs will be best for them. Once they identify the colleges they would like to play for, they will need to contact the coaches and market themselves as potential recruits. An easy way to get started is to create a free profile on Real Deal Recruits. Here, student-athletes can showcase their greatest moments in living color and get the attention of recruiters and coaches nationwide.

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