High School Golf

If you're a high school student who thinks he is the next Dustin Johnson or Bubba Watson, your game plan should include playing golf at the collegiate level. The NCAA sponsors golf programs at hundreds of colleges and universities across the nation. If you're recruited by one of these schools, you'll be able to continue to develop your game while receiving a quality education.

As college athletic department budgets continue to swell (the average university increased spending on sports by 25 percent between 1995 and 2001), the number of scholarships available to high school golf players will only increase. According to recent data from the NCAA, 228 Division I and 109 Division II colleges offer scholarships to women, and 290 Division I and 199 Division II colleges offer scholarships to men.

Find High School Golf Recruiters and Scholarships

This adds up to about 1,812 golf scholarships for women and 1,980 scholarships for men each year from the NCAA alone. This is an incredible opportunity for high school students to attend first-class universities like Stanford, the alma mater of Tiger Woods himself! However, high school golf stars won't have a chance of being accepted by these programs if recruiters and coaches never see them.

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