High School Softball

If your daughter is a star on her travel or high school softball team, you are most likely proud of her athletic accomplishments. But have you thought about how her skills on the field could benefit her future? Softball is one of only two female-only NCAA sports, and there are 262 Division I and 253 Division II schools that grant softball scholarships every year.

Colleges that feature NCAA softball teams include top universities like California, Arizona, Georgia, Cornell, Washington, and UCLA. While one year's tuition and expenses might be beyond the family budget-never mind four years-an athletic scholarship can help your high school softball player attend an excellent school while playing her beloved sport. As a parent, there are a few things you can do to make this dream a reality.

How to Help Your High School Softball Player Make It to the Collegiate Level

You and your daughter need to start planning for college long before she enters her senior year. Start during her freshman and sophomore years by making sure she studies hard and performs academically to the best of her abilities. After all, to make it to the college of her choice in the first place, she'll have to fulfill the institution's GPA requirements. She'll also have to fulfill the NCAA's academic eligibility requirements in order to play.

Partner with your daughter's high school softball coach to help shape her future. Ask the coach where your daughter's strengths are as an athlete-what positions should she anticipate playing, if any, in college? Are there specific programs that would suit her more than others? Once you have a game plan in place, encourage her to build a free profile here at Real Deal Recruits. Our purpose is to connect high school athletes with recruiters and coaches and help them further their athletic and academic careers.

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