High School Sports

High school sports have always been popular for students, their parents, and their communities at large. In 2010, more high school seniors played sports than took part in student government, the school newspaper, school plays or musical programs. In addition, thanks to Title IX laws, the number of girls entering high school sports has increased a phenomenal 800 percent since the 1970s.

What are the most popular high school sports? For girls, soccer, softball, track and field, basketball and volleyball topped the list, while boys are more likely to participate in football, baseball, track and field, basketball and soccer. What do all of these sports have in common? They're all sports governed by the NCAA. A small percentage of high school sports enthusiasts will go on to play their sports in college, and many will receive athletic scholarships, to boot.

High School Sports Can Lead to Money for College

At last count, 1,265 schools were part of the NCAA, and they boasted more than 355,000 student-athletes. More than a third of these students-about 36 percent-were awarded scholarships that totaled $1 billion each year. This can make a college education a reality for many high school kids who otherwise would have missed out.

Everyone knows the story of the small-town kid who got a "full ride" athletic scholarship and made it to the big leagues. However, this can be a reality for talented high school athletes who are smart enough to market themselves to college sports programs. One convenient way for high school students to get noticed is to create profiles on Real Deal Recruits. Here, our users can upload stats, photos, and video clips that demonstrate their athletic skills to recruiters and college coaches alike.

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