High School Sports Recruiting

High school sports recruiting are a tricky matter for colleges and students. To keep colleges from exerting undue influence on impressionable high school athletes, the NCAA has instituted a strict framework of guidelines that limit the contact coaches and prospective students have with each other. If you've been contacted-or want to be contacted-by college sports recruiting staff, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

The NCAA has detailed acceptable recruiting methods by year. For example, if you are a sophomore, you may have started getting questionnaires and sports camp brochures in the mail. What you shouldn't get, however, are phone calls from coaches. You also shouldn't be having any off-campus contact with coaches or other school officials. This is strictly verboten and can result in severe penalties for you and the school.

Practice Safe High School Sports Recruiting Tactics

What can you do, as a sophomore? After all, the earlier you start marketing yourself to college athletics programs, the sooner you can get noticed and evaluated.

Fortunately, while coaches cannot contact you, you can contact them at your own expense. You'll want to showcase your skills and give them evidence that you are a superior member of your high school sports team.

Even the most passionate phone call can't illustrate your abilities as clearly as a video clip. More and more sports are being videotaped these days, and for good reason. Not only can viewing yourself in action help you improve your game, but you have all the materials needed to make a "best of" video to show prospective coaches. Once it's ready, you can upload this video to your free profile at Real Deal Recruits. We get high school sports stars connected to college coaches without violating any NCAA recruiting rules.

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