High School Sports Scholarship

A sports scholarship can change your high school student's life for the better. The cost of college is increasing by about eight percent each year, which means the cost of one year of college will double every nine years. By the time she graduates, the average college student will have to pay back an average of $19,000 in student loans, which can add stress and limit her options.

There are two types of high school sports scholarships: full-ride scholarships, which cover everything from tuition and housing to books, and partial scholarships, which can still cover a large portion of a top-flight education. You don't have to be a superstar-the NCAA grants about $1 billion in scholarships each year, many to solid high school student-athletes who have no plans to advance to the professional level.

Gain Access to a Renewable High School Sports Scholarship

While there are no four-year high school sports scholarships, this type of financial aid can be renewed every year. However, to make sure you have a clear picture of the situation, you'll want to ask your prospective coach a few questions before accepting. What circumstances would prevent the scholarship from getting renewed? Does the scholarship yield the same amount of money each year? What happens to the scholarship in the case of an injury?

While there are about 150,000 high school sports scholarships awarded each year, they likely won't come to you. To have the best chance of getting one of these scholarships, you must market yourself and get your athletic skills in front of the right people. Here at PrepChamps, you can place your best moments and stats online for thousands of college coaches and recruiters.

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