High School Swimming

Members of high school swimming teams know about multi-tasking. Instead of a sport like football, which tends to lock a player into a particular position, swimming is all about versatility. There are 34 events in competitive swimming (17 for women, 17 for men) and the average athlete will participate in 13 events at a swim meet. If you're a high school swimmer who wants to parlay her abilities into an NCAA swimming career, your ability to multi-task will serve you well.

This is because planning a college swimming career involves a great deal more than working on your breaststroke. To get noticed and accepted by a collegiate-level program, swimmers must be superstars in the classroom and at marketing themselves effectively. These high school athletes need to start planning by their sophomore years-or even earlier-to ensure their best chances of success.

Connect with High School Swimming Coaches

There are 192 men's swimming coaches and 249 women's swimming coaches in the NCAA and hundreds and thousands of high school student-athletes. This means that unless you're in the top three percent of your sport, you probably won't have a coach or recruiter drop by your high school to see you. You must determine which colleges might be a good fit for you and contact the coaches yourself.

College coaches are looking for good all-around student-athletes who can exhibit versatility in the water and maintain a good GPA when on solid ground. You can let them know you've got what they need by creating a profile for free on Real Deal Recruits. At Real Deal Recruits, we reach thousands of coaches and recruiters every day. You can enter your vital information, post pictures, and upload video footage of your best events.

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