High School Tennis

If you've just joined your high school tennis team as a freshman or sophomore, you may fantasize about playing tennis at Wimbledon. But did you consider that your tennis skills could put you in a whole new league-the Ivy League? If you're a superior student-athlete, your abilities could attract the attention of recruiters from such exclusive universities as Columbia, Brown, or Dartmouth. The competition to get into these schools is ridiculously intense, but your high school tennis experience could be the factor that gets you accepted.

Not only can high school tennis get you considered for acceptance by a number of excellent schools, it can help you pay for it as well. The average annual cost of attending an Ivy League school is over $50,000. However, there is $1 billion in scholarship money awarded each year by the NCAA alone.

Highlight Your High School Tennis Prowess

NCAA tennis is divided into two categories. Men's tennis is classified as an "equivalency sport," which means coaches can take their 1,971 yearly scholarships and break them up between students if they so wish. This means that instead of a fabled "full ride" scholarship, a male student-athlete will be pursuing a partial scholarship and should be prepared to access other sources of funding.

Women's tennis, on the other hand, is classified as a "head count" sport, which means the NCAA grants an amazing 3,794 full-ride scholarships to female student-athletes each year. One of these scholarships would not only pay for tuition to a school like Brown, but it would also cover room and board, books, and other typical expenses. To present your high school tennis prowess to coaches and recruiters, create a profile at Real Deal Recruits. It's free and easy to upload video clips, photos, stats and more.

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