High School Volleyball

High school volleyball is a big part of everyday life for many boys and girls. The sport is fast-paced and exciting, and these student-athletes tend to be dedicated and enthusiastic. However, of the many thousands of students who play volleyball in high school and on travel teams, only a fraction will have the chance to play at the college level. One way to jumpstart the recruiting process is to put together a well-thought-out recruiting video.

Playing college volleyball can be especially advantageous for women, because under the NCAA, volleyball is considered a "head count" sport. Therefore, many of the scholarships offered to female high school volleyball players are for full rides. While each scholarship is good for only one year, student-athletes who maintain their academic eligibility and continue to play for their teams typically have these scholarships renewed each year.

Create a High School Volleyball Recruiting Video

To get your name and abilities out to the coaches and recruiters who count, you'll want to create a recruiting video. However, there are some tips you should follow. In this case, "more" doesn't equal "better." You may have hours of excellent footage, but the average coach only has time to watch four to five minutes of your very best plays. Condensing your video into your finest moments on the court will make a more dramatic impact and may inspire the viewer to discover more about you.

While you may be able to make a high school volleyball recruiting video relatively easily, you probably don't want to worry about making dozens of copies and mailing them out to the many coaches on your list. Instead, consider uploading it at Real Deal Recruits. Instead of fumbling through mailing envelopes and possibly losing your video, coaches can browse our site and watch your footage online.

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