High School Wrestling

As a high school wrestling coach, you've probably helped hundreds of young men improve their techniques and develop their abilities. Perhaps you've seen superior high school wrestling champs get overlooked by excellent collegiate programs, just because university coaches and recruiters never knew they existed. Or maybe you've had some ambitious students come to you for advice on how to make the leap to NCAA wrestling.

Traditional logic used to say, if someone excelled at a sport, the athletic world would automatically take notice. After all, these recruiters and coaches are probably looking for student-athletes just like yours. However, in our ever-connected, technologically advanced world, these recruiters are constantly bombarded with information about high school wrestling phenoms and simply don't have time to pay attention to each one individually. How can you give your students a leg up?

RealDealRecruits Helps High School Wrestling Stars Make It to College

First, the most important thing a high school student-athlete can do is hit the books as often as possible. The better the student's grades, the better their chances of being accepted by a good school with an outstanding wrestling program. Second, your students should also concentrate on scoring well on their SATs or ACTs. Third, these athletes must focus on marketing themselves to colleges and their athletic programs. This is where RealDealRecruits comes in.

When you help your students create profiles on Real Deal Recruits, you are giving them the opportunity to be seen by recruiters from all over the country-without violating any of the NCAA's strict recruiting rules. Thousands of coaches, fans, and more can browse through wrestling profiles and view stats, biographies and highlights of high school wrestling meets.

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