Hockey Scholarships

If you work during your summer vacations or have a part-time job during the school year, you likely know that getting a good job requires a lot of legwork. You might be the best person for the position, but you still have to create a well-written resume, introduce yourself to potential employers and convince them to hire you. Obtaining hockey scholarships works much the same way.

Even if you're the star of your high school hockey team, you're still going to have to create a game plan to have a shot at hockey scholarships. After all, there are about 8,500 high school students who play men's ice hockey, and only 1,100 NCAA freshman roster positions open each year. Just like with finding a job, you're going to have to put together a "resume" of sorts that highlights your abilities, introduce yourself to college coaches and market yourself effectively.

Go for the Gold: Hockey Scholarships

You can create a resume at wrestling profiles for free. Here, you can build a personal profile that contains all of your vital information: your stats, your test scores, any honors you have earned and your plans for the future. You can add to this resume by uploading photos and even video clips of you out on the ice.

There is a limited number of hockey scholarships offered each year by the NCAA: just 1,188 for men and 558 for women. This makes putting your best skate forward more important than ever. With PrepChamps, you can develop a crucial part of your portfolio and share it with people all over the world.

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