Junior College Basketball Recruiting

Although many of the athletes in our online community get recruited by four-year colleges and universities, RealDealRecruits is also an excellent venue for junior college basketball recruiting. Every high school basketball player matures at his or her own rate, and some may want to spend a year or two playing at the junior college level before going on to a university. PrepChamps is quickly becoming the place to get noticed by junior college basketball recruiting agents.

Unlike other junior college basketball recruiting services, RealDealRecruits is completely free. Athletes are welcome to create free profiles in Real Deal Recruits' online community. An athlete's profile can include everything from rank and statistics to action photos and video of his or her best plays. Coaches can view profiles from all over the country without spending a dime.

Junior College Basketball Recruiting for Everyone

One of our goals has been to make junior college basketball recruiting accessible to everyone, not just the "star players." College sports recruitment has traditionally focused on the small handful of high school athletes who qualify for Division I college sports. We know that many gifted players who may not reach those heights in high school will show vast improvement at the junior college level.

At RealDealRecruits we offer a level playing field where athletes who might otherwise not get noticed can gain recognition and even scholarships. You don't have to be the star of your high school's basketball team to play college sports. Register with us today and strengthen your chances of playing college ball.

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